In the June 29, 2019, episode of America Live with Dr. Alan Markoff, Sacred Leaf Wellness co-founder, Cindy Moulton, talks about opening a Houston CBD shop.

Alan and Cindy briefly discuss her educational background, the fact that she is currently a lawyer with her own practice and that Alan is a former client of hers. From there Cindy dives into the topic of the day, cannabidiol (CBD): it’s legality, uses and the store she recently opened with her sister.

CBD is a component of cannabis and is derived from the hemp plant.

Cindy was first introduced to CBD through a friend whose mother was battling Alzheimer’s. A doctor had suggested the mother try CBD, but they were unable to find a reliable Houston CBD shop. Product availability and product consistency were key issues they were dealing with.

Houston CBD Shop: Sacred Leaf Wellness

At the same time, another friend of Cindy’s was looking into opening a Houston CBD shop and had found Sacred Leaf, an all organic, seed to shelf company. Cindy, her sister Leslie and their friend Patti, thought Sacred Leaf was cutting edge and that it would be fun to get into the business. They signed a license agreement with Sacred leaf so they could use their likeness and sell their products, but the differentiator that makes Sacred Leaf Wellness unique is their approach from the wellness perspective.

The Sacred Leaf Wellness team focuses on health and wellness, and pride themselves on being knowledgeable about every product they sell to properly educate and advise customers. Reliability of testing is also important to the team, and they have the lab reports to back up each and every product they sell, all tested by a third party.

In addition to the products they offer, they also have an exercise area in their shop for private evaluations and sessions to further help their customers on their wellness journeys.

Watch the video above or on Facebook (here) to learn more about Sacred Leaf Wellness’s products, what makes them special and their many uses! If you don’t live in the area and would still like to buy products from this Houston CBD shop, call 713-223-5323 to order and receive free shipping!