Pattie Plagmann Sacred Leaf Wellness Image

Patti Plagmann

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, University of Pittsburgh

Certified Health Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer-American College of Sports Medicine

30 Minute Passive Stretching $50.00

This session is a series of passive stretches on a table, floor or standing.

45 Minute Passive/Active Stretching  $70.00

In this session, the trainer will use a variety of techniques to help you achieve joint and muscular flexibility. 

60 Minute Flexibility, Mobility and Stability, Balance Training $90.00       

This hour-long session is our most comprehensive joint mobility workout. The trainer will incorporate Functional Range Conditioning movements to not only help gain mobility but will help you with end range strength. This workout is perfect for rotational sport athletes.

30 Minute Posture and Spine Session $50.00

This session will involve a series of exercises to strengthen the muscles involved in our seated, standing and walking posture and will include spine mobility exercises.

30/45 Minute Personal Training Session $50.00/$70.00    


Functional Range/Mobility $90.00

This evaluation will assess each joint in your body to determine its end range flexibility and mobility. Your trainer will use a series of movements called CARS, Controlled Articulate Rotations to assess each joint from neck to toes.

Golf Fitness Evaluation $200.00

During this comprehensive evaluation, a TPI Certified Golf Fitness instructor will evaluate your body as it relates to your golf swing.  You will go through a series of 10-15 movements that will give your instructor a good look at your core strength, hip and shoulder mobility, balance, flexibility and make recommendations on an exercise program for your golf game.